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With years bringing justice to the city of Indianapolis, Whitted Cleary Accident Injury Attorneys is a law firm dedicated to solving legal issues that are related to car crashes and road accidents. We work directly with multiple insurance companies, and we help our clients solve any related issues with them.

As a law firm, we deal with other cases as well. However, our main priority is dealing with insurance companies and helping our clients get over the blow that their accident might give to their legal reputation. It’s up to us to maintain the justice and sincerity in these situations.

With decades of experience working with all types of cases, Whitted Cleary Accident Injury Attorneys possesses the most qualified and responsible lawyers in the city of Indianapolis. Our compromise to bring justice and help our customers is what keeps our business going.

With sincerity and professionalism, we can get into every situation that our client needs us to be. And with years of bringing our service of consulting, we can assure our commitment to the responsibility that comes with working with the citizens’ rights.

So have some peace of mind knowing that our team of lawyers is doing everything in their power to ensure that your rights as a citizen are being protected.